Abkürzungen & Bibliographie

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Herbarium Abbreviations

(ARIZ) - University of Arizona, Tucson.
(ASU) – Arizona State University.
(B) - Dahlem Botanical Museum, Berlin.
(CA) - California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.
(DES) - Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix.
(DS) - Dudley Herbarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.
(HBG) - University of Hamberg.
(HNT) - Huntington Botanical Garden.
(IBUG) - Universidad de Guadalajara, Zapopan, Jalisco. Mexico.
(JE) - Friedrich - Schiller University, Jena.
(K) - Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.
(KR) - Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde Karlsruhe
(LAM) - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.
(MEXU) - Universidad Autonoma de Mexico.
(MICH) - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
(MO) - Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis.
(OKL) - University of Oklahoma, Norman.
(P) - Museum National d’Histoire Naturalle, Paris, France
(POM) - Pomona College, Claremont, California.
(PRC) - Charles University, Prague.
(SRSC) - Sul Ross State College, Alpine, Texas.
(UC) - University of California, Berkeley.
(UNM) - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.
(US) - United States National Herbarium, Washington, DC.
(WU) - University of Vienna.
(ZSS) - Stadtische Sukkulenten-Sammlung, Zurich.

Other Abbreviations

Auct.? - author unknown.
CSJ - Cactus & Succulent Journal (US).
fa. - forma.
HK - Horst Kunzler Catalog.
Hort. - Hortus (Garden name).
nom. illegit. - name that is illegitimate according to the rules of botanical nomenclature.
nom. inval. - name that is invalid according to the rules of botanical nomenclature.
nom. nud.- a name without any description.
nom. prov. - a provisional name.
pro syn. - as a synonym for
subsp. - subspecies
var. - varietas.
(?) - location of type specimen unknown.


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* indicates work not seen.

1 It is unclear if the subspecific names in Schelle 1907 should be considered forma or varietas. Although he uses the German term
"Formen" he ascribes the names to authors who had published them as varietas. He specifically uses "var." in his 1926 book.

Terry L. Corbett
Las Cruces, NM
18 July 2017