Echinocereus Index

Introduction by Terry L. Corbett

Echinocereus is a genus of cactus native to North America.

The index is arranged alphabetically by species name. All names, including names that have never been published under the name Echinocereus are listed alphabetically by species name and then by subspecific name. Autonyms (such as Echinocereus acifer var. acifer) are not listed. For example Cereus dasyacanthus var. spurius will  be found alphabetically under „d“, not „c“, and then by „s“.  To find Echinocereus xxx var. xxx fa. yyy look under Echinocereus xxx fa. yyy. Names in bold are index base names and are followed by information about the basionym and other publication data. For full information of names that are not index base names please check under the name which follows the = sign. Please note that in those cases where the base name is not the basionym, the basionym is listed under the index base name. For the purpose of this index the rank used by the original author has been followed in determining the index base name except in those cases where the original author raised the rank of the plant, the higher rank is followed in determining the index base name. This is for reference purposes only and does not indicate any preference in regard to the proper taxonomic placement of any plant. Synonyms are listed chronologically. Information about the type specimen if available is listed under „Type – locality:“ in the order – location; collector, date (Herbarium).

Bold names are index base names.
*names preceded by an asterisk are excluded from the genus Echinocereus.
names* followed by an asterisk are illegitimate names according to the code of nomenclature.